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By Appointment

Individualized one-on-one sessions or group consultations are  available for transitioning into an Online Learning Management System. Support will include assistance with Moodle courses.

Workshop dates will appear in the Upcoming Events section to the right.

The FTRC staff  is  working closely with the Professional Development Advisory Council (FDC).


  • Advice and technical support for the e-learning  tools and initiatives established by the College.
  • Training in Microsoft Office

Additionally, the Center supports video/audio digitizing and editing and scanning of  documents, photos, and large format documents.

Call or email FTRC staff

Telephone: (973) 877-3463



  • Adobe Photoshop Tutorials (view)
  • Microsoft Office Suite Tutorials (view)
  • Jing (Screen Capture) (view)
  • 2 Macs
  • 8 Dell PCs
  • Scanner
  • Printer(black & white)
Electronic Publications (available for download on the FTRC website)
  •  Relevant Journal Articles (on recent trends, instructional strategies, and best practices)
  • Instructional Manuals
  • Tutorials