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Creating a Successful Lesson Plan

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Need help getting together a new lesson plan, the following link may help you in the creative process. Planning a Successful Lesson (this link has a long load time)

New FTRC location

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Faculty Technology Resource Center is now located inside of Room 4119-B, by the Bursar.

Classroom activities for active learning

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There are a few things an instructor can do to increase the number of different students responding in a given class period. This article will go through a couple of those ideas. (give it some time to load)

Learning to teach Online

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Need more help, take a look at the video in the link and download the PDF file

Online Course Design

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This site can help get a grasp on how to get your online class running effectively.

Online education has so far been a format used primarily for an alternative delivery mode for distance learning. Distance learning has traditionally served older, adult students rather than traditional students. While the demographics of the online student are rapidly changing, adult learners are typically still the target student. Each institution should evaluate its goals and objectives for the online program and for the course to best understand the audience for the course content.